NOTE: Updates to the Links page and others are generally excluded. The Kremer section now has its own update section.

19th October 2008

A comparison between Prop. Designer and Xfoil added. This is a work in progress and may be tinkered with in future.

21st September 2008

New version of Prop Designer with minor improvements, 1 new aerofoil added and new .prw files added.

7th September 2008

Breadcrumb trail added to all pages (It’s the bit above this section, just under the What’s new banner)

1st June 2008

Air effects added

12th November 2007

Ads added

2nd June 2007

Site map added to aid navigation

Turning flight section added

29th May 2007

Site map added

Turning flight added

21st April 2007

Gallery added

Adapting an existing propeller added

11th February 2007

Photos of Jupiter and Mercury added.

Forum added.

Fixed “deliberate error”  in More improvements.

21st January 2007

Guest book added

13th December 2006

Added About the author

5th August 2006

Slight change in style, many new pages added to Kremer section. More pages are on their way.

23rd July 2006

Kremer section added about the new Kremer prize

9th July 2006

Partial contents of HPAG CD added as sub domain. There are some very interesting articles. Read them!

18th June 2006

Propeller or propellor added

11th June 2006

Stored energy added

21st May 2006

Where are they now? added about where some HPA ended up

14th May 2006

Transmission added about the transmission of power from the pilot to the propeller.

23rd April 2006

The incomplete list of HPA Names added to HPA names page. What is a HPA rewritten, HPA Apparent mass effect rewritten

17th April 2006

Incomplete list of names added to HPA names page

2nd April 2006

The HPA section has been reorganised and expanded. It now includes a section on “what is a HPA” and “HPA Apparent mass effect”.

The Links page has been reorganised and expanded.

Conversion ratios added.

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