This is a collection of links I have found while searching the internet for information on Human Powered Aircraft. NOTE All sites now appear in their own window, this may cause problems if you have a pop-up stopper.

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Propeller sites

JavaProp A similar program to Prop. Designer but online (In English).

JavaFoil Program to generate lift and drag of aerofoil

XFoil Program to design aerofoils and check characteristics of existing aerofoils.

Aerodynamics for students - Analysis of Propellers Australian site.

HPA sites

hpag home page The Royal Aeronautical Society's Human Powered Aircraft site. There are some interesting downloads.

Airglow This site is now hosting the pages.

Pégase A new project from the University of Sherbrooke in Quebec, Canada, Click here for the English version

CoolThrust A Japanese site.

Velair German HPA.

Skycycle An American flying bicycle

Abhilasha The first HPA to fly in the Netherlands

Translation of the Abhilasha site to English

Iron butterfly at Virginia Tech

Raven A project that did not quite succeed as well as intended.

Active Gals A Japanese group

Phoenix A British inflatable HPA.

White Dwarf A lighter-than-air craft

Joggernaut A Swiss design study

HPA videos at YouTube

Human powered helicopters

Human Powered Helicopters. This site has (almost) everything you want to know about human powered helicopters and current helicopter projects. Loads of links.

The Igor I. Sikorski prize for human powered helicopter flight

Human powered hovercraft

Steam boat Willy Human powered hovercraft (supposedly) built by students at UCL (University College London), England. Also it's propeller is used as an example in Prop. Designer. Photo

Human powered hydrofoil

Decavitator Built by some of the same team that built Daedalus

Ornithopter sites

General ornithopter site

Japanese ornithopter


Canadian site

Articles in PDF format from Human Power, the technical journal of the International Human Powered Vehicle Association.

Articles on White Dwarf and Monarch

Article on Decavitator

Article on Chick-2000

Article on Airglow

Article on Airglow and human powered helicopters


Bryan Allen’s home page (pilot of Gossamer Condor)

Sites of interest (to me)

BHPC British Human Power Club

Dilbert An insight into office life


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